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Fall in Love with Colonial Beach

That’s the feeling this cute little town and its beautiful natural environment has engendered in many residents and visitors. A lively arts, music and dining scene, and friendly caring people add to the affection people have for the community.

Nearby are major historic sites including the birthplaces of three presidents and other revolutionary war figures such as the Lee family, making it a mecca for history buffs.

The area’s economic, ethnic, racial, religious, political and philosophical diversity adds a certain “funky” quality to the town’s personality. People respect and care about each other here, and about our visitors. Everyone is welcome.  

Water defines Colonial Beach. Located along a wide stretch of the Potomac River, its “Point” section is surrounded by water with the Potomac on the east and the large Monroe Bay on the west.

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Folks can enjoy the sun, swim and play with their children in the river’s placid waters, and boat or fish in the same environ that brought our ospreys, or “fish hawks” to the town.

The river and bay also provide spectacular sunrises and sunsets. The morning sun rises out of the broad, panorama of the Potomac to paint the sky with vivid and varied hues. The fishing and pleasure boats heading home in the evening to dock in Monroe Bay, present a picturesque foreground for the sun setting brilliantly upon the far shore.

Despite many challenges over more than a century of existence, Colonial Beach has repeatedly reinvented itself while retaining the vestiges of its vibrant past. Our hope is the osprey festivals and the town’s resilience will help Colonial Beach and all its feathered friends ride out this current crisis alongside our historic downtown’s flight into the future.

Thank you for participating in our “Virtual Osprey Festival” by visiting our site. Come see the ospreys and many other birds when we open this summer.  And please come back next year for the real life festival!

Colonial Beach Museum

Colonial Beach Museum

Alexander Graham Bell House

Alexander Graham Bell House




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