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Greetings Osprey Lovers, Bird Watchers, and Conservationists,


We appreciate your visiting our virtual osprey festival and hope you will come to the live festival next year. The Osprey Festival is the main fundraiser for Downtown Colonial Beach, our community’s Main Street Affiliate program.  When you donate to Downtown Colonial Beach and the Osprey Festival it really has an impact.  Our inaugural festival in 2019 provided seed money of $1000 that along with other donations and cost-sharing grant enabled us to apply for Historic District designation for our downtown which is about to occur, if it hasn’t already by the time you read this. The developer who is investing $27 million in our community has said historic district designation was the most important incentive that attracted him.  From proceeds last year, we are now able to augment funds from a Forestry grant to plant trees and other landscaping along our entry coordinator on Colonial Avenue.  These trees will provide more habitat for birdlife, cool down our streets, and absorb excess water. 


This year for every $25 donation, we are offering a raffle ticket for the “Big Chick,” designed and fabricated by premiere textile artist Judith McIrvin.  This 8” inch chick is a first edition from this talented artist worth considerably more than your $25 donation which will be applied to further beautification and revitalization of our historic beach community. 


All donors receive acknowledgement letters suitable for the IRS (if you don’t win “Big Chick.”) We hope you’ll join with us to support revitalize and preserve the charm and historic character of our downtown for today and  generations to come. 


Joyce Reimherr, Current President, Downtown Colonial Beach.

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