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Presentations and Activities

The Festival section of the website focuses on what was the core of last year’s festival and would have been again this year: presentations, videos and other material about the ospreys, other interesting birdlife characteristic of the Colonial Beach area, and enjoying the pastime of birdwatching.

Video on the Ospreys by Master Naturalist Susan Bossie
After raising three children, Susan and her husband moved to the Northern Neck two years ago from the Fredericksburg and Stafford areas. Following an interest in the natural resources along the Potomac she signed up for basic training as a Virginia Master Naturalist through the Northern Neck Chapter. The first project she chose to work on was “Osprey Watch.” “What an adventure it's been,” she says.


"Osprey Life in Colonial Beach, 2020:

What to Watch For"
Article by Pam Narney, Photographs by John Narney

Pam and John live in Placid Bay in the Northern Neck of Virginia. Photographs were taken in their back yard.


Download Full PDF, HERE


We think of Pam Narney as “the Osprey Queen.”  She is aided and abetted in her passion by husband John.  Both are Northern Neck Master Naturalists and played major roles in the 2019 festival. Pam provided commentary on a trolley tour of the osprey nests. They live in Placid Bay and are so glad they decided to move to the area.

Birding the Miocene
Jon M. Bachman B.S., M.Ed.
Manager of Education and Public Outreach
Stratford Hall
Westmoreland County, Virginia

Other Activities and Features Coming Soon:


  • An Osprey Walk with Caledon State Park Ornithologist Mike Callahan.

  • The Basics of Birdwatching.

  • Gardening for Birds and Other Wildlife.

  • How to Install an Osprey Platform.

  • Osprey and Bird-related Activities for Children

  • Osprey Story Hour Presented by Actors from the Colonial Beach Playhouse

Virtual Exhibit Area of Bird Watching Equipment and Supplies

The live festival would have hosted exhibitors of various types including vendors of bird watching equipment and supplies, bird watching and environmental organizations.  In this section we are encouraging such vendors and organizations to reach current and prospective birdwatchers with information about how their products, services or mission can enhance the bird watching experience or help birdlife survive and thrive.

We also welcome festival sponsors.  For information, on advertising or sponsorships, call 301-758-9493 or email

Ways to Support Bird Conservation

Visit the website of the National Audubon Society at for information on threats to birdlife and action alerts.  Learn more about birdwatching and enjoy it with other enthusiasts by joining Audubon.  Click here to visit the Northern Neck group.