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Meet Our Osperts

Pam Narney

Pam Narney

Please note that although I am not a trained scientist or ornithologist, I am a certified VA Master Naturalist and have been observing osprey for over 12 years.  They are my love and my hobby.  It was love at first sight when we bought a weekend house on Beach Avenue in Colonial Beach, VA and saw Osprey for the first time.  We could easily watch Osprey at several different nesting platforms, in trees and even on a gazebo roof.  They are graceful and noble raptors.  When we left the house on Beach Avenue the one necessary requirement for the new house was an Osprey nesting platform.  We have that in Placid Bay, VA, where the nesting platform is right off of our pier.  That brings our Osprey up close and personal.

I try to be careful about making any statements that are not true and that can’t be backed up with scientific fact and/or my personal observations.  

I depend on two very good source books:  Alan F. Poole’s 1989 scientific study “Ospreys:  A Natural and Unnatural History” and David Gessner’s lyrical and inspiring “Return of the Osprey.”